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Kinga Mila, born in Poland, is a visual media artist working predominantly with the medium of Light, currently engaged in photography. In 2011 she completed Digital Media with distinction at College of Fine Arts Sydney Australia. She had a group exhibition in 2011 (COFA Annual) at the University of New South Wales in Australia.

From Sydney in 2012 she spent three years in China, working artistically, to further broaden her wide range of creative skills. Having lived in China had a colossal influence on her and since that time she fully shifted her focus onto fine art world. Kinga uses her sophisticated understanding of light to create original, intricate and authentic images in her specialist fields of photography.

She is all about lighting in both the literal and figurative meaning often developing custom designed lighting sets to meet her specific needs. She likes to combine the use of traditional media and give it a modern tech touch.

Having been enormously influenced by collage art especially works by Dadaist artist, Hannah Hoch, she developed her modern approach to this traditional art form by combining previously taken photographs and manipulating those in a digital form; however, above all she prefers to focus on natural beauty and essence of the art of photography where the least possible post production is involved. All her current works are meticulous creative designs with no digital nor photoshop post production involved.

Kinga is currently engaged in developing several art projects.


2011 – Turramurra Music / Yamaha Australia Award for Best Sound Design : Prize source page – College Of Fine Arts ( COFA )


2011 – College Of Fine Arts – Annual 2011 – group exhibition – Sydney Australia
2016 – Breath and Dust – The Hive Dalston – group exhibition – London UK : Exhibition source page

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