Emperor’s Puff


Description :

Your pet will love it too. Outer piece washable, buckwheat Hulls ( Husks ) seat.

Buckwheat hulls (sometimes referred to as husks) are used in pillows, lumbar supports, pet beds, and other items that would traditionally use cotton batting or another toxin laden substance. Buckwheat hulls are said by many to be far superior to many man made fillings. Our Buckwheat hulls are not roasted. The groats are removed through a roller press. The hulls (Husks) are then triple screen graded then forced air cleaned.

Antiallergic effect – red eyes, itchy skin or a morning runny nose will be forgotten. Buckwheat does not cause allergies, moreover it contains tannin, a substance that hinders the development and reproduction of mites and bacteria.

Anti-bedsore properties – cushions filled with scales or mattresses automatically adjust to the lying position, preventing the formation of bedsores and chafing.

They absorb moisture – the scales enable a constant exchange of heat and moisture between the body and the environment, which means that the seat does not heat up from the body temperature and absorbs sweat, and then evaporates it into the environment.

Better relaxation, less stress – buckwheat has the properties to neutralize harmful electromagnetic radiation and is an excellent radiant.

They stimulate microcirculation and peripheral circulation – accessories filled with buckwheat hulls can be successfully used as body massage products, stimulating microcirculation and peripheral circulation.

Thermal comfort – an ordinary pillow filled with synthetic material heats up quickly, while one with buckwheat maintains a constant, comfortable temperature, ensuring a pleasant and relaxing sleep. This is the end of constantly turning the pillow over to the cool side.


Due to technical difficulties we send buckwheat Hulls ( Husks ) pre filled puff only within Europe. Please see shipping guide to see whether we will be able to send it to you or contact us sales@kingamila.com; we also may provide you with specific information in regards to amount of buckwheat required to fill our product should you require assistance.

Size :

W: 55cm, H: 30cm

Fabric :

outer – Velour
lining – Double Jersey Cotton.
Depending on your region : Pre filled or not Cotton Fabric with Buckwheat Husks.

Composition :

outer: 80% Cotton, 20% Elastane
lining: 100% Cotton
filling: 100% Cotton

Washing instructions :

Outer piece: Machine Wash Inside Out 40°